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HPC 5536: Comparative Systems of Education and Development is a semester-long, 3-credit elective course at Appalachian State University that culminates with a 15-day visit to the United Kingdom with stops in Aberdeen, Scotland, Cardiff, London, Brecon, Wales, Cambridge, Chester, St. Andrews, Edinburgh, and Glasgow. Participants will learn about the history and current systems of campuses in each of these locations while taking time to participate in and enjoy the local culture, museums, sites, and time in major cities.


March 5, 2021-March 19, 2021

Sample Itinerary

  • April 18 Depart USA for UK 
  • April 19 Arrive Edinburgh, Scotland; Travel to Aberdeen
  • April 20 Visit University of Aberdeen
  • April 21 Travel to St. Andrews, Visit University of St. Andrews, Travel to Edinburgh
  • April 22-23 Explore Edinburgh
  • April 24 Visit University of Glasgow; Travel to Chester, England
  • April 25 Visit University of Chester
  • April 26 Explore Medieval Chester; Travel to Brecon, Wales
  • April 27 Explore Brecon & Countryside; Travel to Cardiff, Wales
  • April 28 Visit University of Cardiff
  • April 29 Explore Cardiff
  • April 30 Travel to London, England
  • May 1 Visit Cambridge University
  • May 2 Explore London
  • May 3 Depart London for USA

Funding & Estimated Costs

  • Study Abroad scholarships are available through the Office of International Education and Development. 
  • The estimated price of the study abroad experience is $2800*. This includes all transportation, breakfast, lodging, and selected events; however, it does not include tuition for the course.

*This price is tentative and, thus, might change. Appalachian State university reserves the right to cancel or alter the program format or to change costs in case of conditions beyond the University's control.

Informational flyer:

United Kingdom Trip Informational Flyer.

Past Student Tesitmonials:

"It (the UK trip) was the reason I chose App, and it was the highligh of my degree program. It's so, so critical for student affairs educators to understand and appreciate perspectives on student learning and development outside of the United States." 

 "I know it is expensive. However, it was career (and life) changing for me. Such an incredible experience and one that I talk about monthly in a professional setting." 

"A lot of favorite memories, but the one I will never forget is our trip to the UK with Diane and Jim (and his wife, who is the best!)." 

"If you can go on the UK trip, do it!! It was the best experience in the program for me. Truly a trip of a lifetime where I learned so much about a different culture and seeing firsthand how other universities work! To this day, I wish I could relive it!" 

"Go on the study abroad trip to the UK! Some of the best memories and the best experience."

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Dr. Diane Waryold (faculty instructor):


Spring 2022 Alternative Trip: Colonial College Road Trip 

 HPC 5441 Comparative Historical Perspectives on College Student Support Services: An in Depth Exploration of Colonial US Higher Education is a semester long, 3 credit elective course at Appalachian State University that traditionally culimates with a week along road trip down the North American North-East Coast with stops at 6 colonial colleges. The impact of colonial religion and politics on past and present US Higher Education systems will be explored. 

Dates: March 6-13 (Spring Break)

Campuses & Cities Visited

  • College of William and Mary (Williamsburg, VA)
  • University of Pennyslvania (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Princeton University (Princeton, NJ)
  • Rutger University (New Brunswick, NJ)
  • Columbia University (New York, NY)
  • Yale College (New Haven, CT)
  • Brown University (Providence, RI)
  • Harvard College (Cambridge, MA)
  • Dartmouth College (Hanover, NH)

Estimated Cost

  • $200.00
  • Cost includes van transport, hotel accomodations for 7 night, organized program schedule, meals, and support staff

Information Flyer

2022 Colonial Colleges Trip Flyer

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Dr. Diane Waryold (faculty instructor):