Academic Advising

The SAA Faculty are Here to Support You! 

The SAA faculty are willing and able to assist students on their progress to degree and help them shape their overall graduate program journey. As a team, the faculty offer a wide array of practical experience in student affairs (e.g., academic advising, campus activities, community engagement/service, fraternity and sorority life, leadership development, residence life, student conduct) alongside their research and scholarship interests.

Upon admission, students will work with the program director until the fall semester approaches. Then, students will be assigned to a specific faculty member for academic advisement. Notifications about advisor assignments will be shared before or during the program orientation each August.

We recommended that students meet with their faculty advisor at least once per semester. Some advisors will schedule these meetings with students; others will expect students to take initiative to schedule advising meetings – both initially and in subsequent semesters. Thus, it is important to chat with one's advisor about how they would like to schedule meetings. During these meetings the advisor and the student will discuss academic and professional development, track progress on the Program of Study and Comprehensive Product of Learning (CPL), and share resources on campus and in the field.

We look forward to working with students in this individualized capacity.